About me

I am a visual arts teacher who graduated from the University of Nariño, a specialist in pictorial production and new media, and currently a master's degree in Latin American arts from the UNDAV in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The performance is an ideological change from the territory towards the introspection of our body to revolutionize emotions and evoke them in actions and so here is a little more exploratory of what my research work of 2 years of the condor of the world means.

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If we lose the past then we are lost in identity, if we do not go through the territory with the resistance we are absolved from being part of the popular mass. References are also people who have transferred the language to actions in places where the sense of identity is lost. They are also understandings between delegitimate, academia, and the street to transform everyday life into resolution and rights.

Body and territory

When speaking from the body, I do not speak as an individual but as a "condensate" that looks like a line that does not cross in any part of the body or in the territory where my life experience lives, my childhood, adolescence, exactly Pasto, Nariño located in the Colombian Massif, and from which the central mountain range that extends from the Nudo de Almaguer or Colombian Massif, the Andes mountain range, emerges.

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Shadow of the Yage

In the shadow of the yagé, a being is identified as several others that belong to being Afro-descendants and at the same time indigenous. (Everything conjugates in the Machín stone of the Andes) this stone talks about the origin of the Andean community as reptilian beings and that it conjugates in the Colombian Amazon. In this way, I also interweave the darkness as a light to reach various languages ​​that synthesize the hybridity of this human knotted by various branches.

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The multiplicity of art and activism

These photographs investigate a bit from the multiplicity of art and activism including gender. The encounter with our body from photography as an interiorization to eradicate or link the fear or trauma with creation. The path of performance has led me to art therapy from different ways of doing.