The three concepts that make up this research.

(Yuyay – Memory, Tawantisunyo – Territory and Tiris – Scarring)



It is the memory that corresponds to the subject.

It implies the area where the different origins and provenances settle and are part of different cultures, such as the native peoples, Afro-Americans, and Creoles conforms places to which that body and its spirit, with all its myths and legends and artistic cultural manifestations, belong.


As a manifestation of memory, we chose the figure of the condor whose petroglyph embodies the dance of the mythical animal of the Andes, not only as a unique Andean identity but as that animal that, when it rises, flies and settles anywhere, opens or exposes multiplicity. On the cultural figure is the dance, "El Cóndor del Mundo", we chose it as opposed to the critical look towards migration, and the idea of ​​borders and the body as a utilitarian and oppressive object depending on each nationality.

The indigenous roots by paternal tradition, as my father, a professional anthropologist, allow a look at the above: teaching with the experience of restoring the memory of social, indigenous, and community leaders. They also allow discovering a differentiated concept that, in the development of the person, marks a connection from the past of childhood to the present of adulthood.

performance significado website piedad coka
performance significado website piedad coka



The territory that corresponds to the body. This, like the earth, is exposed to the outside and manifests different experiences and situations. It is about an embodied subject who recognizes himself in the memories that inhabit everything to be expelled in multiple ways, be it dance, music, poetry, and all kinds of vital activity.



Healing corresponds to the movement of memory. In this dynamic, they allow us to propose a performance that, through its execution, shows the colors and clothing of the memory inserted in the territory -territory-body, which resignifies it as a result of different lived, exorcized, and diluted processes. That performance will be the dance of the condor of the world with which we will try to show how that past is impossible to bring back, impossible to restore as it is, however it is possible to remember, recover content and the focus of this recovery of content and its transformation with Afro-American traditions and creoles is the embodied subject, the body. A scar instance is a labile place: wound closure but tissue in restoration.